James Ponette

James Ponette is a musician from Belgium who studies jazz at the Royal Conservatory in Ghent with an exceptional approach to the electronic music scene.

Doing an energetic live performance that will have people reach for their phones and start uploading stories at any club, festival or event.

This he has been doing for the last two years all around Mexico and is steadily building he's followers all around.

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  • Cancún: Hroof, AMMA Club, Palazzo, TheCity, DadyO, ME Beach Club
  • CDMX: Janis Palmas
  • Monterrey: BYU, Bisou, Cosmo, Ness, Mochomos Bar
  • Guadalajara: Strana
  • León: La Santa
  • Tijuana: El Alebrije
  • Ciudad del Carmen: El Alebrije
  • Veracruz: Industrial
  • San Miguel de Allende: Sammy Social Club
  • Campeche: Shotimilco
  • Saltillo: Ness
  • Tampico: Byblos
  • San Cristóbal: Baruva
  • Villahermosa: Dbar
  • Culiacán: República, Classico
  • Cabo San Lucas: El Squid Roe, Pink, Crush
  • Mérida: Classico, Regina Rooftop
  • Playa del Carmen: Thompson Rooftop, Santanera
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